Configures the client to instantiate objects on the same computer as the persistent state they are using or from which they are initialized.

Registry Entry

      ActivateAtStorage = value


This is a REG_SZ value. Any value that begins with 'Y' or 'y' indicates that ActivateAtStorage should be used.

The ActivateAtStorage capability provides a transparent way to allow clients to locate running objects on the same computer as the data that they use. This reduces network traffic because the object performs local file-system calls instead of calls across the network.

When a value is set for ActivateAtStorage, this becomes the default behavior in calls to the CoGetInstanceFromFile and CoGetInstanceFromIStorage functions, as well as to the file moniker implementation of IMoniker::BindToObject. In all of these calls, specifying a COSERVERINFO structure overrides the setting of ActivateAtStorage for the duration of the function call. The caller can pass COSERVERINFO information to IMoniker::BindToObject through the BIND_OPTS2 structure.

The value set for ActivateAtStorage is also the default behavior when CLSCTX_REMOTE_SERVER is specified if no registry information for the class is installed on the client's computer. Client applications written to take advantage of ActivateAtStorage may therefore require less administration.






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