MIDL Compiler Options

You can use the following command-line options to override some of the default behavior of the MIDL compiler and to choose optimizations appropriate for your application. For a complete listing of MIDL command-line options, see the MIDL Command-Line Reference.

Command line switch Description
Use to supply an explicit ACF filename. This switch also enables the use of different interface names in the IDL and ACF files.
Specifies a filename for the generated DLL data file for a proxy DLL. The default filename is Dlldata.c.
Directs MIDL to generate stubs or a type library for a target environment.
/header, /h
Specifies the name of the interface header file. The default name is that of the IDL file with an .h extension.
Specifies an interface identifier filename that overrides the default interface identifier filename for a COM interface.
Provides full DBCS support so that you can use international characters in your input files, filenames, and directory paths.
By default, to reduce code size, MIDL eliminates duplicate descriptors. This switch turns off this optimizing behavior.
/Oi, /Oic, /Oif
Directs MIDL to use a fully interpreted marshaling method. The /Oic and /Oicf switches provide additional performance enhancements.
Specifies the directory to which the MIDL compiler writes output files. The output directory can be specified with a drive letter, an absolute pathname, or both. The default is that MIDL writes the files to the current directory.
Specifies the name of the interface proxy file for a COM interface. The default name is that of the IDL file plus "_p.c".
Specifies the name of the type library file. The default name is that of the IDL file, with a .tlb extension.

MIDL Compilation