ComboBoxEx Control Extended Styles

Support the extended styles that are listed in this section as well as most standard combo box control styles.

Constant Description
BSTR searches in the list will be case sensitive. This includes searches as a result of text being typed in the edit box and the CB_FINDSTRINGEXACT message.
The edit box and the dropdown list will not display item images.
The edit box and the dropdown list will not display item images.
Allows the ComboBoxEx control to be vertically sized smaller than its contained combo box control. If the ComboBoxEx is sized smaller than the combo box, the combo box will be clipped.
Windows NT only. The edit box will use the slash (/), backslash (), and period (.) characters as word delimiters. This makes keyboard shortcuts for word-by-word cursor movement effective in path names and URLs.
Windows Vista and later. Causes items in the drop-down list and the edit box (when the edit box is read only) to be truncated with an ellipsis ("...") rather than just clipped by the edge of the control. This is useful when the control needs to be set to a fixed width, yet the entries in the list may be long.


You set and retrieve the combobox extended styles by using CBEM_SETEXTENDEDSTYLE and CBEM_GETEXTENDEDSTYLE messages.


If you try to set an extended style for a ComboBoxEx control created with the CBS_SIMPLE style, it might not repaint properly. The CBS_SIMPLE style also does not work properly with the CBES_EX_PATHWORDBREAKPROC extended style.