Tooltip Styles

This section lists the control styles used with tooltip controls.

Constant Description
Indicates that the tooltip control appears when the cursor is on a tool, even if the tooltip control's owner window is inactive. Without this style, the tooltip appears only when the tool's owner window is active.
Version 5.80. Indicates that the tooltip control has the appearance of a cartoon "balloon," with rounded corners and a stem pointing to the item.
Displays a Close button on the tooltip. Valid only when the tooltip has the TTS_BALLOON style and a title; see TTM_SETTITLE.
Version 5.80. Disables sliding tooltip animation on Windows 98 and Windows 2000 systems. This style is ignored on earlier systems.
Version 5.80. Disables fading tooltip animation.
Prevents the system from stripping ampersand characters from a string or terminating a string at a tab character. Without this style, the system automatically strips ampersand characters and terminates a string at the first tab character. This allows an application to use the same string as both a menu item and as text in a tooltip control.
Uses themed hyperlinks. The theme will define the styles for any links in the tooltip. This style always requires TTF_PARSELINKS to be set.


A tooltip control always has the WS_POPUP and WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW window styles, regardless of whether you specify them when creating the control.