VListVW Sample

This topic describes the VListVW Sample code sample. It contains the following sections:


The VListVW Sample shows how to implement a simple virtual list-view control in an application. A virtual list-view control is a standard list-view control with the LVS_OWNERDATA style. This example creates a list-view control that "virtually" holds 100,000 items. The items are never actually added. Instead, the virtual list-view control is "told" how many items it contains with the LVM_SETITEMCOUNT message. When an item needs to be drawn, the list-view control queries the parent window for display information with the LVN_GETDISPINFO notification.

Minimum Requirements

Product Version
DLL comctl32.dll version 4.70
Operating System Windows 95, Microsoft Windows NT 3.51


Downloading the Sample

The VListVW Sample is available on on github in the Windows Classic Samples repository. The list view control items examples can be found at here


Building the Sample

To build the sample using the command prompt:

  1. Open the Command Prompt window and navigate to the project directory.
  2. Enter msbuild [project file].

To build the sample using Visual Studio:

  1. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the project directory.
  2. Double-click the icon for the .vcproj file to open the project in Visual Studio.
  3. From the Build menu, select Build Solution to build the solution.

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