Cross-fade effect

This effect combines two images by adding weighted pixels from input images. It has two inputs, named Destination and Source.

The cross fade formula is output = weight * Destination + (1 - weight) * Source.

The CLSID for this effect is CLSID_D2D1CrossFade.

Effect properties

Display name and index enumeration Type and default value Description
How much to weigh the source image color values versus the destination image. The minimum value is 0.0f (exclusively use the destination image to determine the output) and the maximum value is 1.0f (exclusively use the source image to determine the output).


Minimum supported client Windows 10 [desktop apps | Windows Store apps]
Minimum supported server Windows 10 [desktop apps | Windows Store apps]
Header d2d1effects_2.h
Library d2d1.lib, dxguid.lib