Emboss effect

Creates a grayscale version of the image that appears as though it has been stamped into paper.

The CLSID for this effect is CLSID_D2D1Emboss.

Example image

example of effect output

Sample code

ComPtr<ID2D1Effect> embossEffect;
m_d2dContext->CreateEffect(CLSID_D2D1Emboss, &embossEffect);
embossEffect->SetInput(0, bitmap);
embossEffect->SetValue(D2D1_EMBOSS_PROP_HEIGHT, 1.0f);
embossEffect->SetValue(D2D1_EMBOSS_PROP_DIRECTION, 0.0f);

Effect properties

The properties for the emboss effect are defined by the D2D1_EMBOSS_PROP enumeration.


Minimum supported client Windows 10 [desktop apps | Windows Store apps]
Minimum supported server Windows 10 [desktop apps | Windows Store apps]
Header d2d1effects_2.h
Library d2d1.lib, dxguid.lib