Resource Enumerations

The following enumerations are used to specify information about how resources are created and accessed during rendering.

Enumeration Description
D3D10_BIND_FLAG Identifies how a resource will be used by the pipeline and determines which pipeline stage(s) a resource can be bound to.
D3D10_CPU_ACCESS_FLAG Specifies the types of CPU access allowed for a resource.
D3D10_DSV_DIMENSION Specifies how to access a resource that is used in a depth-stencil view.
D3D10_MAP Identifies a resource to be mapped for reading and writing by the CPU.
D3D10_MAP_FLAG Specifies how the CPU should respond to any Map methods when the GPU is not yet finished with the resource.
D3D10_RESOURCE_DIMENSION Identifies the type of resource that is in use.
D3D10_RESOURCE_MISC_FLAG Identifies less common resource creation options.
D3D10_RTV_DIMENSION Specifies how to access a resource used in a render target view.
D3D10_USAGE Identifies how a resource is expected to be read and written by the CPU and/or the GPU.


Resource Reference