D3DX10CompileFromMemory function


Instead of using this legacy function, we recommend that you compile offline by using the Fxc.exe command-line compiler or use the D3DCompile API.


Compile a shader or an effect that is loaded in memory.


HRESULT D3DX10CompileFromMemory(
  _In_        LPCSTR             pSrcData,
  _In_        SIZE_T             SrcDataLen,
  _In_        LPCSTR             pFileName,
  _In_  const D3D10_SHADER_MACRO *pDefines,
  _In_        LPD3D10INCLUDE     pInclude,
  _In_        LPCSTR             pFunctionName,
  _In_        LPCSTR             pProfile,
  _In_        UINT               Flags1,
  _In_        UINT               Flags2,
  _In_        ID3DX10ThreadPump  *pPump,
  _Out_       ID3D10Blob         **ppShader,
  _Out_       ID3D10Blob         **ppErrorMsgs,
  _Out_       HRESULT            *pHResult


pSrcData [in]


Pointer to the shader in memory.

SrcDataLen [in]

Type: SIZE_T

Size of the shader in memory.

pFileName [in]


The name of the file that contains the shader code.

pDefines [in]

Type: const D3D10_SHADER_MACRO*

Optional. Pointer to an array of macro definitions (see D3D10_SHADER_MACRO). The last structure in the array serves as a terminator and must have all members set to 0. If not used, set pDefines to NULL.

pInclude [in]


Optional. Pointer to an ID3D10Include Interface interface for handling include files. Setting this to NULL will cause a compile error if a shader contains a #include.

pFunctionName [in]


Name of the shader-entry point function where shader execution begins. When you compile an effect, D3DX10CompileFromMemory ignores pFunctionName; we recommend that you set pFunctionName to NULL because it is good programming practice to set a pointer parameter to NULL if the called function will not use it.

pProfile [in]


A string that specifies the shader model; can be any profile in shader model 2, shader model 3, or shader model 4.

Flags1 [in]

Type: UINT

Shader compile flags.

Flags2 [in]

Type: UINT

Effect compile flags. When you compile a shader and not an effect file, D3DX10CompileFromMemory ignores Flags2; we recommend that you set Flags2 to zero because it is good programming practice to set a nonpointer parameter to zero if the called function will not use it.

pPump [in]

Type: ID3DX10ThreadPump*

A pointer to a thread pump interface (see ID3DX10ThreadPump Interface). Use NULL to specify that this function should not return until it is completed.

ppShader [out]

Type: ID3D10Blob**

A pointer to an ID3D10Blob Interface which contains the compiled shader, as well as any embedded debug and symbol-table information.

ppErrorMsgs [out]

Type: ID3D10Blob**

A pointer to an ID3D10Blob Interface which contains a listing of errors and warnings that occurred during compilation. These errors and warnings are identical to the debug output from a debugger.

pHResult [out]


A pointer to the return value. May be NULL. If pPump is not NULL, then pHResult must be a valid memory location until the asynchronous execution completes.

Return value


The return value is one of the values listed in Direct3D 10 Return Codes.



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