Understanding Direct3D 12

To write 3D games and apps for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, you must understand the basics of the Direct3D 12 technology, and how to prepare to use it in your games and apps.

Use the topics in this section to set up and learn about the environment in which you will program your apps and games with Direct3D 12. This content will also help you to port your Direct3D 11 apps and games to Direct3D 12, so you can take advantage of Direct3D 12 features and efficiencies.

To program with Direct3D 12, you need these components:

  • A hardware platform with a Direct3D 12-compatible GPU
  • Display drivers that support the Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) 2.0

In this section

Topic Description
Direct3D 12 Programming Environment Setup
Describes the installation, tools and supported libraries that make up a productive Direct3D 12 development environment.
Creating a Basic Direct3D 12 Component
This topic describes the call flow to create a basic Direct3D 12 component.
Important Changes from Direct3D 11 to Direct3D 12
Direct3D 12 represents a significant departure from the Direct3D 11 programming model. Direct3D 12 lets apps get closer to hardware than ever before.
Hardware Feature Levels
Describes the functionality of the 11_0 through 12_1 hardware feature levels.

Direct3D 12 Programming Guide