ID3DXEffect interface

Used to set and query effects, and to choose techniques. An effect object can contain multiple techniques to render the same effect.


The ID3DXEffect interface inherits from ID3DXBaseEffect. ID3DXEffect also has these types of members:


The ID3DXEffect interface has these methods.

Method Description
ApplyParameterBlock Apply the values in a state block to the current effect system state.
Begin Starts an active technique.
BeginParameterBlock Start capturing state changes in a parameter block.
BeginPass Begins a pass, within the active technique.
CloneEffect Creates a copy of an effect.
CommitChanges Propagate state changes that occur inside of an active pass to the device before rendering.
DeleteParameterBlock Delete a parameter block.
End Ends an active technique.
EndParameterBlock Stop capturing effect parameter state changes.
EndPass End an active pass.
FindNextValidTechnique Searches for the next valid technique, starting at the technique after the specified technique.
GetCurrentTechnique Gets the current technique.
GetDevice Retrieves the device associated with the effect.
GetPool Gets a pointer to the pool of shared parameters.
GetStateManager Get the effect state manager.
IsParameterUsed Determines if a parameter is used by the technique.
OnLostDevice Use this method to release all references to video memory resources and delete all stateblocks. This method should be called whenever a device is lost, or before resetting a device.
OnResetDevice Use this method to re-acquire resources and save initial state.
SetRawValue Set a contiguous range of shader constants with a memory copy.
SetStateManager Set the effect state manager.
SetTechnique Sets the active technique.
ValidateTechnique Validate a technique.



The ID3DXEffect interface is obtained by calling D3DXCreateEffect, D3DXCreateEffectFromFile, or D3DXCreateEffectFromResource.

The LPD3DXEFFECT type is defined as a pointer to this interface.

typedef interface ID3DXEffect ID3DXEffect;
typedef interface ID3DXEffect *LPD3DXEFFECT;



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