ID3DXFileData interface

Applications use the methods of the ID3DXFileData interface to build or to access the immediate hierarchy of the data object. Template restrictions determine the hierarchy.


The ID3DXFileData interface inherits from the IUnknown interface. ID3DXFileData also has these types of members:


The ID3DXFileData interface has these methods.

Method Description
GetChild Retrieves a child object in this file data object.
GetChildren Retrieves the number of children in this file data object.
GetEnum Retrieves the enumeration object in this file data object.
GetId Retrieves the GUID of this file data object.
GetName Retrieves the name of this file data object.
GetType Retrieves the template ID in this file data object.
IsReference Indicates whether this file data object is a reference object that points to another child data object.
Lock Accesses the .x file data.
Unlock Ends the lifespan of the ppData pointer returned by ID3DXFileData::Lock.



Data types allowed by the template are called optional members. The optional members are not required, but an object might miss important information without them. These optional members are saved as children of the data object. A child can be another data object or a reference to an earlier data object.

The GUID for the ID3DXFileData interface is IID_ID3DXFileData.

The LPD3DXFILEDATA type is defined as a pointer to this interface.

typedef interface ID3DXFileData *LPD3DXFILEDATA;



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