Used in a mesh object to specify which material applies to which faces. The nMaterials member specifies how many materials are present, and materials specify which material to apply.

template MeshMaterialList
    < F6F23F42-7686-11CF-8F52-0040333594A3 >
    DWORD nMaterials;
    DWORD nFaceIndexes;
    array DWORD faceIndexes[nFaceIndexes];
    [Material <3D82AB4D-62DA-11CF-AB39-0020AF71E433>]


  • nMaterials - A DWORD. The number of materials.
  • nFaceIndexes - A DWORD. The number of indices.
  • faceIndexes[nFaceIndexes] - An array of DWORDs containing the face indices.

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