Defines a mesh defined by Bézier patches. The first array is a list of vertices, and the second array defines the patches for the mesh by indexing into the vertex array.

template PatchMesh
    < D02C95CC-EDBA-4305-9B5D-1820D7704BBF >
    DWORD nVertices;
    array Vector vertices[nVertices];
    DWORD nPatches;
    array Patch patches[nPatches];
    [ ... ]


  • nVertices - Number of vertices.
  • vertices[nVertices] - Array of vertices. See Vector.
  • nPatches - Number of patches.
  • patches[nPatches] - Array of patches. See Patch.
  • [ ... ] - Any .x file template can be used here. This makes the architecture extensible.

The patches use the vertices in the array of vertices as the control points for each patch. This is a legacy template. The latest patch mesh template is PatchMesh9.

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