TextureCube::GatherRed(S,float,uint) function

Samples a texture and returns the red component along with status about the operation.


TemplateType GatherRed(
  in  SamplerState S,
  in  float        Location,
  out uint         Status


S [in]

Type: SamplerState

The zero-based sampler index.

Location [in]

Type: float

The sample coordinates (u,v).

Status [out]

Type: uint

The status of the operation. You can't access the status directly; instead, pass the status to the CheckAccessFullyMapped intrinsic function. CheckAccessFullyMapped returns TRUE if all values from the corresponding Sample, Gather, or Load operation accessed mapped tiles in a tiled resource. If any values were taken from an unmapped tile, CheckAccessFullyMapped returns FALSE.

Return value

Type: TemplateType

A four-component value whose type is the same as the template type.


The texture samples can be used for bilinear interpolation.

This function is supported for the following types of shaders:

Vertex Hull Domain Geometry Pixel Compute
x x x x x x


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