CSeekingPassThru class

The CSeekingPassThru class is a helper object that creates CPosPassThru and CRendererPosPassThru objects.

The CPosPassThru and CRendererPosPassThru classes are helper objects that pass seeking commands upstream, so the CSeekingPassThru class is a helper object for creating helper objects.

It is not necessary to use this class directly. Instead, use the CreatePosPassThru function, which handles all of the details of using this class. It has the further advantage of loading the object from Quartz.dll, which reduces the code size of your filter somewhat. For more information, see CPosPassThru.

The CSeekingPassThru class exposes the ISeekingPassThru interface. The ISeekingPassThru::Init method initializes the object. After the object is initialized, the filter can query it for the IMediaSeeking and IMediaPosition interfaces.

Public Methods Description
CSeekingPassThru Constructor method.
~CSeekingPassThru Destructor method.
CreateInstance Creates an instance of the object.
ISeekingPassThru Methods Description
Init Initializes the object.


Seekpt.h (include Streams.h)
Strmbase.lib (retail builds);
Strmbasd.lib (debug builds)