DVD Copy Protection Property Set

The DVD Copy Protection property set provides authentication of copy protection information from hardware or software decrypters. Use this property set to prevent unauthorized copying from prerecorded DVD-Video.

Microsoft provides software that facilitates the authentication process required by the encryption scheme, thus enabling a DVD-ROM drive to authenticate and transfer keys with a DVD decrypter. Microsoft has no current plans to ship a DVD decrypter and, instead, is providing operating system code that will act as the agent to enable authentication of either hardware or software decrypters.

The DVD navigator initiates and controls the key exchange process. The DVD minidriver needs only to implement the following properties. Other components handle the rest.

Each DVD input stream will receive copy protection properties. This is true even if the same hardware controls all DVD streams.

The following information presents the necessary constants and data types to use for this property set in calls to IKsPropertySet methods. It provides values for the GUID (guidPropSet), property ID (dwPropID), and property data type (pPropData) parameters.

Property ID Description
AM_PROPERTY_COPY_ANALOG_COMPONENT Queries whether the video output is standard-definition, analog component video.
AM_PROPERTY_COPY_MACROVISION This is a set-only property. This property sets the analog copy protection level for the NTSC encoder on the output end of the receiving pin. Uses AM_COPY_MACROVISION.
AM_PROPERTY_DVDCOPY_CHLG_KEY Both get and set operations are supported on this property. A get operation requests the decoder to provide its bus challenge key. A set operation provides the decoder with the bus challenge key from the DVD drive. The data passed in this property will be a structure of type AM_DVDCOPY_CHLGKEY.
AM_PROPERTY_DVDCOPY_DEC_KEY2 This is a get-only property. This property requests that the decoder's bus key 2 be transferred to the DVD drive. The data passed will be a structure of type AM_DVDCOPY_BUSKEY.
AM_PROPERTY_DVDCOPY_DISC_KEY Set-only property. This provides disc key. The key is a structure of type AM_DVDCOPY_DISCKEY.
AM_PROPERTY_DVDCOPY_DVD_KEY1 This is a set-only property. This property provides the DVD drive bus key 1 to the decoder. The data passed will be a structure of type AM_DVDCOPY_BUSKEY.
AM_PROPERTY_DVDCOPY_REGION Region code requests the region definition that the decoder is allowed to play in as defined by the DVD consortium. This region is defined as a DVD_REGION structure.
AM_PROPERTY_DVDCOPY_SET_COPY_STATE Both get and set are supported on this property. Get is called first to determine if authentication is required. The set properties are indications as to which phase of copy protection negotiation the filter is entering. The data passed will be a structure of type AM_DVDCOPY_SET_COPY_STATE.
AM_PROPERTY_DVDCOPY_SUPPORTS_NEW_KEYCOUNT If this property is TRUE, the DVD Navigator does not send AM_UseNewCSSKey samples before negotiating the disc key. See AM_SAMPLE2_PROPERTIES.
Read-only. The property data is a BOOL value.
Applies to Windows 7.

AM_PROPERTY_DVDCOPY_TITLE_KEY This is a set-only property. This provides title key from current content. The key is a structure of type AM_DVDCOPY_TITLEKEY.



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