DVD Event Notification Codes

This section lists the event notification codes for DVD playback and navigation in DirectShow.

For information about receiving events in DirectShow, see Event Notification in DirectShow.

For other non-DVD event codes, see Event Notification Codes.

Event notification code Description
EC_DVD_ANGLE_CHANGE Signals that either the number of available angles changed or that the current angle number changed.
EC_DVD_ANGLES_AVAILABLE Indicates whether an angle block is being played and angle changes can be performed.
EC_DVD_AUDIO_STREAM_CHANGE Signals that the current audio stream number changed for the main title.
EC_DVD_BeginNavigationCommands Sent when a set of DVD navigation commands are starting.
EC_DVD_BUTTON_AUTO_ACTIVATED Signals that a menu button has been automatically activated per instructions on the disc.
EC_DVD_BUTTON_CHANGE Signals that either the number of available buttons changed or that the currently selected button number changed.
EC_DVD_CHAPTER_AUTOSTOP Indicates that playback stopped as the result of a call to the IDvdControl2::PlayChaptersAutoStop method.
EC_DVD_CHAPTER_START Signals that the DVD Navigator started playback of a new chapter in the current title.
EC_DVD_CMD_START Signals that a particular command has begun.
EC_DVD_CMD_END Signals that a particular command has completed.
EC_DVD_CURRENT_HMSF_TIME Signals the current time in DVD_HMSF_TIMECODE format at the beginning of every video object unit (VOBU).
EC_DVD_CURRENT_TIME Signals the beginning of every VOBU.
EC_DVD_DISC_EJECTED Signals that a disc has been ejected from the drive.
EC_DVD_DISC_INSERTED Signals that a disc has been inserted into the drive.
EC_DVD_DOMAIN_CHANGE Indicates the DVD Navigator's new domain.
EC_DVD_ERROR Signals a DVD error condition.
EC_DVD_GPRM_Change Sent when the value of a general parameter register (GPRM) changes.
EC_DVD_KARAOKE_MODE Indicates that the Navigator has either begun playing or finished playing karaoke data.
EC_DVD_NavigationCommand Sent when the DVD Navigator processes a DVD navigation command.
EC_DVD_NO_FP_PGC Indicates that the DVD disc does not have a FP_PGC (First Play Program Chain).
EC_DVD_PARENTAL_LEVEL_CHANGE Signals that the parental level of the authored content is about to change.
EC_DVD_PLAYBACK_RATE_CHANGE Indicates that a playback rate change has been initiated and the new rate is in the parameter.
EC_DVD_PLAYBACK_STOPPED Indicates that playback has been stopped. The DVD Navigator has completed playback of the title and did not find any other branching instruction for subsequent playback.
EC_DVD_PLAYPERIOD_AUTOSTOP Indicates that the Navigator has finished playing the segment specified in a call to PlayPeriodInTitleAutoStop.
EC_DVD_PROGRAM_CELL_CHANGE Sent when the DVD program number or cell number changes.
EC_DVD_PROGRAM_CHAIN_CHANGE Sent when current program chain (PGC) changes.
EC_DVD_SPRM_Change Sent when the value of a system parameter register (SPRM) changes.
EC_DVD_STILL_OFF Signals the end of any still.
EC_DVD_STILL_ON Signals the beginning of any still.
EC_DVD_SUBPICTURE_STREAM_CHANGE Signals that the current subpicture stream number changed for the main title.
EC_DVD_TITLE_SET_CHANGE Sent when current Video Title Set (VTS) changes.
EC_DVD_TITLE_CHANGE Indicates when the current title number changes.
EC_DVD_VALID_UOPS_CHANGE Signals that the available set of IDvdControl2 interface methods has changed.
EC_DVD_VOBU_Offset Sent when the DVD Navigator parses a PCI packet.
EC_DVD_VOBU_Timestamp Sent when the DVD Navigator parses a PCI packet.
EC_DVD_WARNING Signals a DVD warning condition.


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