Graphic Objects

The pen, brush, bitmap, palette, region, and path associated with a DC are referred to as its graphic objects. The following attributes are associated with each of these objects.

Graphic object Associated attributes
Bitmap Size, in bytes; dimensions, in pixels; color-format; compression scheme; and so on.
Brush Style, color, pattern, and origin.
Palette Colors and size (or number of colors).
Font Typeface name, width, height, weight, character set, and so on.
Path Shape.
Pen Style, width, and color.
Region Location and dimensions.


When an application creates a DC, the system automatically stores a set of default objects in it (there is no default bitmap or path). An application can examine the attributes of the default objects by calling the GetCurrentObject and GetObject functions. The application can change these defaults by creating a new object and selecting it into the DC. An object is selected into a DC by calling the SelectObject function.

An application can set the current brush color to a specified color value with SetDCBrushColor.

The GetDCBrushColor function returns the DC brush color. The SetDCPenColor function sets the pen color to a specified color value. The GetDCPenColor function returns the DC pen color.