GestureAt Method

[Microsoft Agent is deprecated as of Windows 7, and may be unavailable in subsequent versions of Windows.]


Plays the gesturing animation for the specified character at the specified location.


agent**.Characters ("CharacterID").GestureAt** x,y

Part Description
x,y Required. An integer value that indicates the horizontal (x) screen coordinate and vertical (y) screen coordinate to which the character will gesture. These coordinates must be specified in pixels.



The server automatically plays the appropriate animation to gesture toward the specified location. The coordinates are always relative to the screen origin (upper left).

If you declare an object reference and set it to this method, it returns a Request object. In addition, if the associated animation has not been loaded on the local machine, the server sets the Request object's Status property to "failed" with an appropriate error number. Therefore, if you are using the HTTP protocol to access character animation data, use the Get method to load the Gesturing state animations before calling the GestureAt method.