Show Method

[Microsoft Agent is deprecated as of Windows 7, and may be unavailable in subsequent versions of Windows.]


Makes the specified character visible and plays its associated Showing animation.


agent**.Characters ("CharacterID").Show** [Fast]

Part Description
Fast Optional. A Boolean expression specifying whether the server plays the Showing animation. True Skips the Showing state animation.
False (Default) Does not skip the Showing state animation.


If you declare an object reference and set it to this method, it returns a Request object. In addition, if the associated Showing animation has not been loaded and you have not specified the Fast parameter as True, the server sets the Request object's Status property to "failed" with an appropriate error number. Therefore, if you are using the HTTP protocol to access character animation data, use the Get method to load the Showing state animation before calling the Show method.

Avoid setting the Fast parameter to True without first playing an animation beforehand; otherwise, the character frame may display with no image. In particular, note that if you call MoveTo when the character is not visible, it does not play any animation. Therefore, if you call the Show method with Fast set to True, no image will display. Similarly, if you call Hide then Show with Fast set to True, there will be no visible image.

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