Media Types

A media type is a way to describe the format of a media stream. In Media Foundation, media types are represented by the IMFMediaType interface. Applications use media types to discover the format of a media file or media stream. Objects in the Media Foundation pipeline use media types to negotiate the formats they will deliver or receive.

This section contains the following topics.

Topic Description
About Media Types General overview of media types in Media Foundation.
Media Type GUIDs Lists the defined GUIDs for major types and subtypes.
Audio Media Types How to create media types for audio formats.
Video Media Types How to create media types for video formats.
Complete and Partial Media Types Describes the difference between complete media types and partial media types.
Media Type Conversions How to convert between Media Foundation media types and older format structures.
Media Type Helper Functions A list of functions that manipulate or get information from a media type.
Media Type Debugging Code Example code that shows how to view a media type while debugging.


Media Foundation Primitives

Media Type Attributes