Working with Codec DMOs

This section provides an overview of working with codecs as DirectX Media Objects (DMOs).

Topic Description
DMO Basics Provides an overview of DMOs in the context of the Windows Media Audio and Video codec interfaces.
Instantiating Codec DMOs Explains how to obtain instances of the codec DirectX Media Objects (DMOs).
Working with DMO Media Types Discusses the structures that are used to describe media types by the codec DMOs.
Working with DMO Media Buffers Discusses the buffers that you must create to process samples with the codec DMOs.
Configuring Codec DMOs Describes the sequence for configuring the codec DMOs.
Processing Codec DMO Input and Output Describes how to process inputs and outputs by using the codec DMOs.
Using the Windows Media Codecs in DirectShow Describes how to use the codec objects in applications that use DirectShow.


Windows Media Codecs