CTEXT control

Defines a centered-text control. The control is a simple rectangle displaying the given text centered in the rectangle. The text is formatted before it is displayed. Words that would extend past the end of a line are automatically wrapped to the beginning of the next line. Words that are longer than the width of the control are truncated.

The LTEXT statement, which can be used only in a rep statement, defines the text, identifier, dimensions, and attributes of the control.

CTEXT text, id, x, y, width, height [, style [, extended-style]]


Text that is to be centered in the rectangular area of the control.


Control styles. This value can be any combination of the following styles: SS_CENTER, WS_TABSTOP, and WS_GROUP.

If you do not specify a style, the default style is SS_CENTER | WS_GROUP.

For more information about the general syntax of a control statement, see Common Control Parameters.


This example defines a centered-text control that is labeled Filename:

CTEXT "Filename", 101, 10, 10, 100, 100 

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