handle_t attribute

The handle_t keyword declares an object to be of the primitive handle type handle_t. A primitive binding handle is a data object that can be used by the application to represent the binding.

typedef RPC_BINDING_HANDLE handle_t;


This attribute has no parameters.


The handle_t type is one of the predefined types of the interface definition language (IDL). It can appear as a type specifier in typedef declarations, general declarations, and function declarators (as a function-return-type specifier and a parameter-type specifier). For the context in which type specifiers appear, see Interface Definition (IDL) File.

In Microsoft RPC, parameters of type handle_t can occur only as [in] parameters. Primitive handles cannot have the [unique] or [ptr] attribute.

Parameters of type handle_t (primitive handle parameters) are not transmitted on the network.

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