ICE07 validates that installation package specifies that fonts be installed into the FontsFolder. If a font is installed to a folder other than the FontsFolder the installer creates a shortcut rather than actually installing the font.

The ICE07 custom action does the following for each font in the Font table.

  1. Finds the font file to which each font title belongs using the Font table.
  2. Queries the Component_ column of the File table for the component that controls each file.
  3. Queries the Directory_ column of the Component table to obtain a key into the Directory table.
  4. Resolves the Directory table to determine the name of the folder into which the installer is to install the font file
  5. Posts an error if the font file is being installed into a folder other than the FontsFolder.


ICE07 posts an error if it finds that the database specifies that a font file be installed into a folder other than the FontsFolder.


IC07 would post the following error message for the example shown.

'Tahoma' is a font and must be installed to the FontsFolder directory. Current Install Directory: 'Sandbar'.

Font Table

File_ FontTitle
Myrtle Tahoma


File Table (partial)

File Component_
Myrtle Myrtle_Beach


Component Table (partial)

Component Directory_
Myrtle_Beach SandBar


In this example, the font Tahoma maps to the font file Myrtle. The file Myrtle belongs to the component Myrtle_Beach. Resolution of the Directory table shows that all the files belonging to Myrtle_Beach are to be installed in the Sandbar folder. Because this is not the FontsFolder, ICE07 posts an error message.

Note that if the component Myrtle_Beach really belongs in the Sandbar folder, and not the FontsFolder, then the font Tahoma may not belong in Myrtle_Beach. A possible fix for the error would be to include Tahoma in another component that does get installed in the FontsFolder directory.

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