ICE72 verifies that non-built-in custom actions are not used in the AdvtExecuteSequence table. Specifically, only type 19, type 35, and type 51 custom actions are allowed in the AdvtExecuteSequence table. If other custom actions are used, advertisement may not behave as expected.


ICE72 returns an error if the AdvExecuteSequence table uses custom actions other than type 35, type 51, and type 19.


ICE72 reports the following error for the example shown:

Custom Action 'CA1' in the AdvtExecuteSequence table is not allowed. Only built-in custom actions are allowed.

To fix the error, remove 'CA1' from the AdvtExecuteSequence table.

AdvtExecuteSequence Table (partial)



CustomAction Table (partial)

Action Type
CA1 1
CA35 35


Tables used during execution

AdvtExecuteSequence Table

CustomAction Table

Custom Action Type 19

Custom Action Type 35

Custom Action Type 51

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