ICEM04 verifies that the merge module's required empty tables are empty. Failure to fix an error that ICEM04 reports can result in incorrect merging of the merge module.


ICEM04 posts an error when the merge module's required empty tables are not empty.


ICEM04 posts the following error messages for a module that contains the database entries shown.

An empty FeatureComponents table is required in a Merge Module.

The Merge Module contains the 'ModuleInstallExecuteSequence' table. It 
must therefore have an empty 'InstallExecuteSequence' table.

Action 'CostInitialize' found in the AdvtExecuteSequence table. This 
table must be empty in a Merge Module

The following table shows you a partial AdvtExecuteSequence Table.

Action Sequence
CostInitialize 1


The following list shows you the partial contents of MergeModule:

  • ModuleInstallExecuteSequence
  • ModuleAdvtExecuteSequence
  • InstallUISequence

The following example shows you another possible error.

Feature-Component '[1].[2]' found in the FeatureComponents table. The 
FeatureComponents table must be empty in a Merge Module.

If a merge module contains a module sequence table, it must contain the corresponding empty sequence table, whether or not the module sequence table is empty. For example, if the merge module contains the ModuleAdminExecuteSequence Table, it must also contain an empty AdminExecuteSequence table.

The FeatureComponents Table is required in all merge modules and must be empty.

The following procedure shows you how to fix errors.

To fix errors

  1. Add an empty FeatureComponents Table to the merge module.

  2. Add an empty InstallExecuteSequence Table to the merge module.

  3. Remove the 'CostInitialize' action from the AdvtExecuteSequence Table.


    This table must be empty in a merge module. Actions should only appear in the ModuleAdvtExecuteSequence table.


Tables Used During Execution

The following list identifies the tables that are used during execution:

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