MsiConfigureServices Action

The MsiConfigureServices action configures a service for the system. This action queries the MsiServiceConfig and the MsiServiceConfigFailureActions tables.

Windows Installer 4.5 or earlier: Not supported. This action is available beginning with Windows Installer 5.0.


Windows Services provides the ability to automatically perform predefined actions in response to a failure in a service. To support programmatically setting up these Recovery Actions when a service fails, MsiServiceConfigFailureActions was added to MSI in version MSI 5.0. However, this functionality is not working as expected.

To workaround this issue, an application developer should use the Custom Action functionality in MSI to run sc.exe and set the Recovery Options appropriately.


Sequence Restrictions

This standard action must be used in the following sequence.



Any of the following actions: InstallFiles, RemoveFiles, DuplicateFiles, MoveFiles, PatchFiles, and RemoveDuplicateFiles actions.




ActionData Messages

There are no ActionData messages.


This action requires that the user be an administrator or have elevated privileges with permission to install services or that the application be part of a managed installation.