C (Network Monitor)


Network traffic data that is collected in frames. A network packet provider (NPP) performs a capture. See also delayed capture, and real-time capture

capture file

A file that Network Monitor creates to store captured data. The .cap file name extension identifies a capture file. Network Monitor randomly generates a capture file name, but you can change the file name when you save the capture file.

Network Monitor creates a capture file each time the capture process starts, and then keeps the file open during the capture process. You cannot access the contents of a capture file until the capture process is stopped and the capture file is closed.

capture filter

A set of Network Monitor functions used to restrict incoming frames that a network packet provider (NPP) application uses.

capture trigger

A trigger event that is set to stop the capture process. The capture trigger event can be a temporary capture file that is directed to a specific level or data pattern that occurs in a captured frame.

captured data

Frames that have a defined set of criteria. The data frames are contained in a temporary capture file.

conversation statistics

Statistics of network traffic saved during a capture. These statistics include station and session information beginning when the capture process starts, and ending when the capture stops. If you pause the capture process, Network Monitor continues to add statistics when you resume the process. To retrieve conversation statistics, call the GetConversationStatistics method for the interface you are using.