P (Network Monitor)


See frame.


A component that detects a specific protocol in a delayed capture. Each parser can detect one protocol. However, one parser DLL may contain multiple parsers. Also called a protocol parser.


A Network Monitor initialization file that contains a list of all the installed parsers. For each parser there is a comment string that describes the parser, the follow set of the parser, and any Help file associated with the parser. The parser INI file is updated when Network Monitor calls ParserAutoInstallInfo, or when the parser DLL calls CreateHandoffTable.


A software tool that allows you to view network performance-related variables that identify the activity of a process.

promiscuous mode

A state in which a network adapter card copies all the frames that pass over the network, regardless of the destination address to a local buffer. This mode enables Network Monitor to capture and display all network traffic.


A protocol element in a parser that describes a data field within a frame that is sent by using that protocol.

property database

An internal database that defines all the properties that a specific protocol supports. The property database contains a PROPERTYINFO structure for each property that the parser defines. Network Monitor uses the information in the database when it attaches a property definition to an instance of the property, and when it formats the property data that is displayed in the details pane of the Network Monitor UI.

protocol level

A logical grouping of protocol properties.