Constants, Enumerations, and Flags

This section describes the Windows Property System constants, enumerations, and flags.

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GETPROPERTYSTOREFLAGS Indicates flags that modify the property store object retrieved by methods that create a property store, such as IShellItem2::GetPropertyStore or IPropertyStoreFactory::GetPropertyStore.
PDOPSTATUS Provides operation status flags.
PKA_FLAGS Describes property change array behavior.
PROPDESC_AGGREGATION_TYPE Describes how property values are displayed when multiple items are selected. For a particular property, PROPDESC_AGGREGATION_TYPE describes how the property should be displayed when multiple items that have a value for the property are selected, such as whether the values should be summed, or averaged, or just displayed with the default "Multiple Values" string.
PROPDESC_COLUMNINDEX_TYPE Indicates whether or how a property can be indexed.
PROPDESC_CONDITION_TYPE Describes the condition type to use when displaying the property in the query builder UI in Windows Vista, but not in Windows 7 and later.
PROPDESC_ENUMFILTER Describes the filtered list of property descriptions that is returned.
PROPDESC_FORMAT_FLAGS Used by property description helper functions, such as PSFormatForDisplay, to indicate the format of a property string.
PROPDESC_RELATIVEDESCRIPTION_TYPE Describes the relative description type for a property description, as determined by the relativeDescriptionType attribute of the displayInfo element.
PROPDESC_SEARCHINFO_FLAGS Determines whether and how a property is indexed by Windows Search.
PROPDESC_TYPE_FLAGS Describes attributes of the typeInfo element in the property's .propdesc file.
PROPDESC_VIEW_FLAGS These flags describe properties in property description list strings.
PROPERTYUI_FLAGS Specifies property features.
PROPVAR_COMPARE_UNIT These flags are associated with certain PROPVARIANT structure comparisons.
PSC_STATE Specifies the state of a property. They are set manually by the code that is hosting the in-memory property store cache.


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