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This topic describes technologies that are related to Windows Search.

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For an overview of technical resources for Enterprise Search from Microsoft, see:

SharePoint Foundation 2010 provides querying from server-side code and querying from client-side code. For more information on querying, searching for new content, and improving relevance with Sharepoint Server 2010 Enterprise Search, see Enterprise Search Fundamentals.

Windows 7 Search supports search federation to remote data stores by using OpenSearch technologies, which enable users to access and interact with their remote data from within Windows Explorer. SharePoint Search Server 2008 and MOSS 2007 SP2 also support federated search of remote servers using OpenSearch. For information about Search Server 2008 deployment with Office SharePoint Server 2007, see Federated Search [Search Server 2008]. For information on MOSS Faceted Search, in which search results are refinded by category, see Codeplex.

Windows Search protocol handlers use design specifications similar to SharePoint Server, and they can often be used interchangeably. Hence, when users need to search legacy databases, email stores or other data structures that are not supported by Windows Search, you should first determine whether a protocol handler already exists for that data store, perhaps for use with another application such as SharePoint Server. If so, you can install that protocol handler on the system.

Windows Desktop Search 2.x

The use of and development for the 2.x versions of Microsoft Windows Desktop Search (WDS) is strongly discouraged. Instead of using Windows Desktop Search 2.x, use Windows Search and Windows Search API.

Platform SDK: Indexing Service

Platform SDK: Indexing Service is obsolete as of Windows XP. Instead, use Windows Search and Windows Search API.

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