Non-Full-Text Predicates

The Microsoft Windows Search query language supports six non-full-text search predicates. The predicates described in this section are listed in the following table.

Non-full-text predicate Description
ALL BITWISE and SOME BITWISE Is a set of keywords that are about testing the bits in an integral type.
DATEADD Function Performs time and date calculations for matching properties having date types. Use the DATEADD function to obtain dates and times in a specified amount of time before the present.
LIKE Predicate Compares column values using simple pattern matching with wildcard characters.
Literal Value Comparison Compares column values against string, date, time stamp, numeric, and other literal values. This predicate supports inequalities such as greater than ('>'), and less than ('<').
Multi-Valued (ARRAY) Comparisons Compares multivalued columns against a multivalued array of literals.
NULL Predicate Detects column values that are undefined for the document.



Search queries using the NULL predicate can require that Windows Search scan the entire catalog, which might slow down the query's performance.


Full-Text Predicates