Notifications (System Event Notification Service)

The System Event Notification Service enables mobile-aware applications to receive notifications from system events that SENS monitors. When the requested event occurs, SENS notifies the application.

SENS can notify applications about three classes of system events:

  • TCP/IP network events, such as the status of a TCP/IP network connection or the quality of the connection.
  • User logon events.
  • Battery and AC power events.

For example, an application can subscribe to any of the following system events:

  • Establishment of network connectivity
  • Notification when a specified destination can be reached within specified Quality of Connection (QOC) parameters
  • The computer has switched to battery power
  • The percentage of remaining battery power is within a specified parameter
  • Scheduled events using Synchronization Manager occur

Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7: The subscriber has a maximum of 3 minutes to respond to a notification on the ISensLogon and ISensLogon2 interfaces. After 3 minutes, SENS cancels the call to subscribers and unblocks the notification thread. If a lengthy operation is required to respond to the notification, return from ISensLogon or ISensLogon2 as quickly as possible and open another thread for processing.