Authoring an INF file

When authoring an INF file for a Setup application you should also refer to the INF file format documented in General Guidelines for INF Files and INF File Sections and Directives of the Microsoft Windows 2000 Driver Development Kit.

When authoring INF files for a setup application adhere to the following rules.

  • A Version section is required in every INF file.
  • Sections must begin with the section name enclosed by square brackets ([]).
  • Names of DestinationDirs, SourceDisksFiles, SourceDisksNames, Strings, and Version sections must be identical to the section type. For example use [DestinationDirs]. Authors may specify the names of other types of sections.
  • Names of SourceDisksNames and SourceDisksFiles sections may be appended with a platform-specific suffix. For example, to show an Intel-specific SourceDisksNames section use [SourceDisksNames.x86]. If the setup functions find platform-specific SourceDisksNames and SourceDisksFiles sections matching the user's platform, the functions use the platform-specific sections. Otherwise the setup functions use the non-suffixed SourceDisksNames and SourceDisksFiles sections. The setup functions can programmatically determine the user's system. See the INF SourceDisksNames and SourceDisksFiles Sections Example.
  • Values may be expressed as replaceable strings using the form %strkey%. To use a % character in the string, use %%. The strkey must be defined in a Strings section of the INF file.