INF Install Section Example

The Install section of an INF File defines the steps of the installation procedure. Each line of an Install section has two parts. On the left of the equals sign (=) is the key. On the right hand side, is a list of one or more section titles. The key specifies the type of the sections that are listed on the right. For a description of this section's format see the "INF File Sections and Directives" of the Microsoft Windows 2000 Driver Development Kit.

The following is an example of an Install section.

Copyfiles=DataFiles, ProgramFiles
AddReg=NewRegistryInfo, MoreNewRegistryInfo
DelReg=OldRegistryInfo, MoreOldRegistryInfo

In this example the CopyFiles key is set to the values "DataFiles" and "ProgramFiles". This specifies two Copy Files sections in the INF file that contain the names of the source files used by copying operations. The destination for the copied files would be specified in a DestinationDirs section in the INF file.

The Delfiles key is given the value "OldFiles". This specifies a Delete Files section that contains information relevant to file deletion operations.

The UpdateInis key specifies Update INI File sections that contain information about updating entries in the INI file.

The AddReg and DelReg keys specify Add Registry and Delete Registry sections that contain information about adding or deleting registry information.