How to Use Item Attributes

The SFGAO flag values of the Shell attributes for an item can be tested to determine whether the verb should be enabled or disabled.

To use this attribute feature, add the following REG_DWORD values under the verb:


Step 1:

The AttributeMask value specifies the SFGAO value of the bit values of the mask to test with.

Step 2:

The AttributeValue value specifies the SFGAO value of the bits that are tested.

Step 3:

The ImpliedSelectionModel specifies zero for item verbs, or nonzero for verbs on the background shortcut menu.


In the following example registry entry, the AttributeMask is set to SFGAO_READONLY (0x40000).

            AttributeMask = 0x40000
            AttributeValue = 0x0
            ImpliedSelectionModel = 0x0
               (Default) = %SystemRoot%\system32\notepad.exe %1