SYSMON Return Values

The following is a list of the System Monitor return values that are defined in Smonmsg.h.

Return value Description
SMON_STATUS_DUPL_COUNTER_PATH (0xC0001388) The counter collection already contains the specified counter.
SMON_STATUS_NO_SYSMON_OBJECT (0xC0001389) The settings do not contain any complete System Monitor HTML objects.
SMON_STATUS_TOO_FEW_SAMPLES (0xC000138A) The specified log file contains fewer than two data samples.
SMON_STATUS_LOG_FILE_SIZE_LIMIT (0xC000138B) The specified log file exceeds the size limits of the System Monitor control. If a log file is currently selected, select current activity as the data source in order to unload the current log file, then reselect the specified log file.
SMON_STATUS_LOG_FILE_DATA_SOURCE (0xC000138C) To add a new log file to the data source, the data source type must be changed to a type other than sysmonLogFiles.
SMON_STATUS_DUPL_LOG_FILE_PATH (0xC000138D) The log file collection already contains the specified log file.


For a description of additional return values returned by System Monitor, see System Error Codes and Performance Data Helper Error Codes.