InkCollector.CursorDown event

Occurs when the cursor tip contacts the digitizing tablet surface.


void CursorDown(
  [in] IInkCursor     *Cursor,
  [in] IInkStrokeDisp *Stroke


Cursor [in]

The IInkCursor object that generated the CursorDown event.

Stroke [in]

The IInkStrokeDisp object that was started when the IInkCursor object caused the CursorDown event to fire.

Return value

This event does not return a value.


This event method is defined in the _IInkCollectorEvents, _IInkOverlayEvents, and _IInkPictureEvents. the _IInkCollectorEvents, _IInkOverlayEvents, and _IInkPictureEvents interfaces implements the IDispatch interface with an identifier of DISPID_ICECursorDown.

Use this event carefully because it could have an adverse effect on ink performance if too much code is executed in the event handlers. To improve real-time ink performance, hide or show the mouse cursor in the MouseDown and MouseUp event handlers.


Requirement Value
Minimum supported client
Windows XP Tablet PC Edition [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server
None supported
Msinkaut.h (also requires Msinkaut_i.c)

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