CMSPStream Members

Member type Name Description
IUnknown *m_pFTM Pointer to the free threaded marshaller.
DWORD m_dwState The current state of the stream.
HANDLE m_hAddress The address on which this stream is being used.
DWORD m_dwMediaType The media type of this stream (audio, video, etc.).
TERMINAL_DIRECTION m_Direction The direction of this stream (incoming or outgoing).
CMSPCallBase *m_pMSPCall Pointer to the call object.
IGraphBuilder *m_pIGraphBuilder Pointer to graph object interfaces.
IMediaControl *m_pIMediaControl Pointer to the media control interface.
CMSPArray <ITTerminal *> m_Terminals The list of terminals on the stream.
CMSPCritSection m_lock The lock that protects the stream object. The stream object should never acquire the lock and then call an MSPCall method that might lock.