TAPI Initialization

Proper functioning of TAPI components requires setting up the communications environment on a computer as follows:

  • Installation is performed when software or hardware is first added to the computer. Detailed procedures depend on the operating system and the software itself.
  • Primary initialization creates the objects and communication paths.
  • Version negotiation ensures that TAPI components will be able to exchange data.
  • Resource inventory retrieves information concerning devices available for use by a TAPI application.
  • Event notification specifies how TAPI and the service providers pass asynchronous operation results and state change information to the application.
TAPI 2.x functions Description
lineInitializeEx Sets up the telephony environment, returns application handle and device count.
lineGetDevCaps Gets device capabilities, such as TAPI version or media types supported.
lineGetAddressCaps Gets address capabilities, such as whether call park is supported.
lineOpen Notifies TAPI that the application will be using the line, and in what way.
lineGetMessage Returns the next TAPI message that is queued for delivery to an application that is using the Event Handle notification mechanism


TAPI 3.x interfaces or methods Description
ITTAPI::Initialize Sets up telephony environment.
ITTAPI::EnumerateAddresses Enumerates addresses currently available.
ITTAPI::get_Addresses Creates a collection of addresses currently available. Provided for Automation client applications, such as those written in Visual Basic.
ITTAPIEventNotification::Event Determines response to an asynchronous event notification. Implemented by the application, invoked by TAPI.
ITTAPI::put_EventFilter Sets the event filter mask, which notifies TAPI which events the application requires.
ITTAPI::RegisterCallNotifications Instructs TAPI to pass the application incoming sessions for a specified address and set of media types.
ITMediaSupport Allows an application to discover the media support capabilities for an address.