IMsRdpExtendedSettings::Property property

Contains a named property.

This property is read/write.


HRESULT put_Property(
  [in]          BSTR    bstrPropertyName,
  [in]          VARIANT *pValue

HRESULT get_Property(
  [in]          BSTR    bstrPropertyName,
  [out, retval] VARIANT *pValue

Property value

The named property value.

Property name Data type Access Can be changed after connection started Description
ConnectToChildSession VT_BOOL Read/Write Yes Setting this property to True causes the client control to connect to the child session on the local machine instead of a remote server. If this property is set to true, you cannot connect to a remote server because all connections are redirected to localhost. For more information about child sessions, see Child Sessions.
DisableCredentialsDelegation VT_BOOL Read/Write No If True, credentials are not sent to the remote server.
EnableFrameBufferRedirection VT_BOOL Read/Write No If True, frame buffer redirection is attempted. For a loopback connection (the same computer is both client and server) frame buffer redirection allows the memory for the frame buffer to be shared between the sessions.
EnableHardwareMode VT_BOOL Write Only No If True, hardware assist with graphics decoding is attempted.
IgnoreCursors VT_BOOL Write Only No If True, cursors sent by the remote server are ignored.
ManualClipboardSyncEnabled VT_BOOL Read/Write Yes Setting this property to True means that the local and remote clipboards will not be automatically kept in sync. Instead the IMsRdpClipboard interface must be used to sync clipboard formats from the local clipboard to the remote clipboard and the remote clipboard to the local clipboard.
ZoomLevel *VT_UI4 Read/Write Yes Implements the Zoom feature by using the RDP ActiveX control. The Zoom feature is available from the System menu of RDP. The ZoomLevel property has no effect in RemoteApp mode and full-screen mode. IMsRdpClientAdvancedSettings::SmartSizing and ZoomLevel are mutually exclusive.


Requirement Value
Minimum supported client
Windows 8
Minimum supported server
Windows Server 2012
Type library
CLSID_MsRdpClient7NotSafeForScripting is defined as 54d38bf7-b1ef-4479-9674-1bd6ea465258
CLSID_MsRdpClient8NotSafeForScripting is defined as A3BC03A0-041D-42E3-AD22-882B7865C9C5
CLSID_MsRdpClient9NotSafeForScripting is defined as 8B918B82-7985-4C24-89DF-C33AD2BBFBCD
IID_IMsRdpExtendedSettings is defined as 302D8188-0052-4807-806A-362B628F9AC5

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