Windows 7 Client Software Logo Program

Affected Platforms

Clients - Windows 7

Description: Client Application Certification

In the Windows 7 time frame, we want to continue building on the success of Windows and expand the Logo Program so that it is more relevant to customers. Based on partner and customer feedback, the Windows 7 Logo Program will focus on ensuring that devices, systems, and applications are compatible, reliable, and can perform to meet Windows standards. The proposed program for Windows 7 will have only one logo for systems, devices, and applications. This topic focuses specifically on client software compatibility.

We have improved the process to qualify software applications for the "Compatible with Windows 7" logo. Microsoft will no longer require developers to have their applications tested for certification by authorized testing authorities. Instead, Microsoft is developing a logo toolkit that you can use to ensure that your application is compatible with Windows 7, and meets the Windows 7 Client Software Logo Program requirements. We have significantly reduced the number of requirements. Similar to the hardware program, we have created some policies; while not linked to specific test cases, we will enforce these policies. Partners must meet all requirements and observe all policies for their software applications to qualify for the "Compatible with Windows 7" logo.


When software applications are ready to be tested, go to the Microsoft Connect Windows 7 Software Logo Program page and follow the instructions:

  1. Start early Review the requirements and identify any code changes necessary to meet them.

  2. Use the alpha self-test tool for verification Download and install the latest release of the toolkit. Note the 64-bit architecture and operating system requirements in the readme.txt file. Run your application through the toolkit as explained in the overview to verify the application's compliance against the requirements.

  3. Make any code changes (if necessary) and retest If any changes to the application are needed to comply with the requirements, make the necessary changes and retest with the toolkit to verify compliance.

  4. Opt-in to receive email notifications Microsoft will begin accepting Logo submissions with the release of the beta toolkit due out the end of May. We strongly encourage you to opt-in to receive email notifications when the toolkit is released and when the program opens for submissions.

    The following steps can be taken only after the beta toolkit is released:

  5. Download the beta toolkit, test, and submit for the Logo Once the beta toolkit is available, download, install, and test your application. Submit the passing results to Microsoft.

  6. Sign the Software Logo License Agreement Once passing results have been submitted, sign the license agreement. You can then download and begin to use the Logo artwork and will be eligible to receive all the available Logo benefits.