Windows Troubleshooting

Affected Platforms

Clients - Windows 7
Servers - Windows Server 2008 R2


A new Windows 7 Action Center (formerly known as Solutions Center) feature, Windows Troubleshooting, delivers a systematic troubleshooting experience for the user. The Action Center is one of the five icons pinned in the systray. Windows Troubleshooting allows you to browse or search for in-box troubleshooting packs and for troubleshooting packs that are stored on a Microsoft server on the Internet – a Better When Connected (BWC) experience. You can select and run a troubleshooting pack to attempt to resolve their problem. If you cannot identify a resolution to the problem, you have the option of searching help, community content, and support articles, or other troubleshooting packs for relevant related content. Should that not provide an answer to the problem, you can restore the PC to a time prior to when the problem occurred or get help through remote assistance. The intent is to allow you to find a solution to the problem easily and quickly.


The Action Center is clearly visible and available from several locations. You can launch it from the context menu of the Action Center in the systray, from the control panel as a shortcut link under system and maintenance, from the main page of the Action Center, and from Help content.

Troubleshooting packs are based upon powershell scripts. The process of authoring and publishing a troubleshooting pack will be made public to allow OEMs, IHVs, ISVs, and IT Professionals to develop and ship their own troubleshooting content.

For a consistent user experience, be sure to follow the best practices and guidelines described in the Windows troubleshooting toolkit when designing your own troubleshooting packs.