Server Functions (Windows Accessibility features)

This section contains information about the server functions used with Microsoft Active Accessibility.

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Allows an assistive technology (AT) application to notify the system that it is interacting with UI through a Windows Automation API (such as Microsoft UI Automation) as a result of a touch gesture from the user. This allows the assistive technology to notify the target application and the system that the user is interacting with touch.
Sets system values that indicate whether an assistive technology (AT) application's current state affects functionality that is typically provided by the system.
Creates an accessible object with the methods and properties of the specified type of system-provided user interface element.
Creates an accessible object that has the properties and methods of the specified class of system-provided user interface element.
Returns a reference, similar to a handle, to the specified object. Servers return this reference when handling WM_GETOBJECT.
Retrieves a requested interface pointer for an accessible object based on a previously generated object reference.
This function is designed for internal use by Microsoft Active Accessibility and is documented for informational purposes only. Neither clients nor servers should call this function.
Determines whether there is an installed WinEvent hook that might be notified of a specified event.
Signals the system that a predefined event occurred. If any client applications have registered a hook function for the event, the system calls the client's hook function.

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