Backup Restorer Object

The backup restorer provides interfaces to handle backing up licenses, typically onto removable media, and then restoring those licenses onto a new computer.

The backup restorer object is created by the WMCreateBackupRestorer function, which sets a pointer to an IWMLicenseBackup interface. The other interfaces of the backup restorer object can be obtained by calling the QueryInterface method.

The following interfaces are supported by the backup restorer object.

Interface Description
IWMBackupRestoreProps Sets and retrieves properties required by the IWMLicenseBackup and IWMLicenseRestore interfaces.
IWMLicenseBackup Backs up licenses, typically so that they can be restored onto another computer.
IWMLicenseRestore Restores licenses.


The following callback interface must be implemented by the application in order to use the backup restorer object.

Interface Description
IWMStatusCallback Receives status messages from processes that execute in a separate thread.


Backing Up and Restoring Licenses