Writer Network Sink Object

The writer network sink object is used to write digital media to a network.

The writer network sink object is created by the function WMCreateWriterNetworkSink, which sets a pointer to an IWMWriterNetworkSink interface. The other interfaces of the writer network sink object can be obtained by calling the QueryInterface method.

Interface Description
IWMClientConnections Collects information on connected clients.
IWMClientConnections2 Retrieves advanced client information.
IWMRegisterCallback Enables the application to get status messages from the object.
IWMWriterNetworkSink Opens and closes ports, sets and retrieves the maximum number of clients that can connect to the sink object, sets the network protocol to be used by the writer object, and performs other advanced functions.
IWMWriterSink Allocates memory, determines whether the sink is operating in real time, and handles several callback functions.


The following callback interface can be implemented by the application to track the progress of a writer network sink object.

Interface Description
IWMStatusCallback Required when status information must be communicated to the host application.


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