WMI Service Event Troubleshooting Classes

WMI service event troubleshooting classes are generated by events within the WMI service, such as thread pool creation.

You can subscribe to the abstract base class MSFT_WmiEssEvent notifications to obtain all of the derived events listed in the following table.

MSFT_WmiEssEvent Parent class for all Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Eventing SubSystem (ESS) self events.
MSFT_WmiRegisterNotificationEvent Represents the creation of an event sink for notification for an event query.
MSFT_WmiCancelNotificationSink generated when an event sink is canceled.
MSFT_WmiThreadPoolEvent provides notification of thread events in the WMI Event Sub System (ESS).
MSFT_WmiThreadPoolCreated Provides notification when a thread is created in the WMI Event Sub System (ESS).
MSFT_WmiThreadPoolDeleted Provides notification when a thread is deleted in the WMI Event Sub System (ESS).
MSFT_WmiFilterEvent Parent class for all permanent event consumer filter events.
MSFT_WmiFilterActivated Defines the successful activation of a permanent event consumer subscription filter.
MSFT_WmiFilterDeactivated Defines the successful deactivation of a permanent consumer subscription filter.


WMI Troubleshooting

WMI Troubleshooting

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