Adding the Close BUTTONELEMENT

The Close button is similar in concept to the Play button, but has different codes and colors.

Put the Close BUTTONELEMENT code after the closing angle bracket of the Play BUTTONELEMENT.

            mappingColor = "#FF0000"
            upToolTip = "Close"
            onClick="JScript: view.close();" />

The following attributes are used to define the BUTTONELEMENT for the Close button:


This is the color value of the region in the mapping art file you created before. In this case it is the solid red color. This attribute is required for any BUTTONELEMENT. By defining this color, you are telling Windows Media Player to associate this color area with the XML code of this button.


This defines the text that will be displayed when the user hovers the mouse over the button. This is the same as the Play button except that it is labeled "Close".


This defines the event that occurs when the mouse clicks on the button. The value of this event attribute is called an event handler and will be either a line of Microsoft JScript code, or a JScript function in an external text file that is loaded by the loadScript attribute of a VIEW. In this case, the JScript code calls the close method of the VIEW element using the global attribute view, which closes the view and shuts down Windows Media Player.

Creating the Skin Definition File